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Standish Group periodically issues a report called The chaos report. It is the result of an ongoing research project on IT project performance. The 2013 report is based on a database with results from 50,000 projects from 2002 and onwards. About 60% of the projects are from the US, 25% are European and the rest are […]

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Some people say that IT is notoriously bad at estimating project time and costs. I do not agree with that statement. A lot of times what is perceived as bad estimates are the results of intervening work and scheduling problems. The estimate was correct, but unfortunately there weren’t any resources availble when the job needed […]

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The statement “Deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale” goes to the core of agile. Shortening the frequency of delivery is really about shortening the feedback cycle for the project, thus improving communication. I’d say that a very common reaction to […]

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Every now and then discussion about Agile pops up on the Internet. Sometimes I participate in these discussions and try to give my view on the subject. When discussing Agile I think it’s important to be clear what we talk about when we say “agile”, are we talking about Agile Values, Agile Principles, Agile Techniques […]

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